Redesigning cities around the
people who live in them.

Engaged Cities

The cities we live in have incredible potential to enhance our everyday lives, but too often that potential remains untapped. While urban design projects are working to tackle the issue head-on, physical infrastructure takes time and resources to build. Inhabit aims to kickstart the process of helping today's cities become the hub where real community lives and grows.

Empowered  Organizers

In a globally connected world, local life has fallen to the background despite powerful new sources of real community that are emerging. Individuals, small businesses, organizations and government are taking on the role of "organizer", but lack the resources to reach their full potential impact. Inhabit puts them front and center.

Connected Locals

Our relationship to the world and community around us matters. Not one of us is purely individual - nor are we meant to live that way. Inhabit engineers a sense of place and belonging accessible to everyone, drawing people back out into the world where meaningful experiences and organic connections are possible, every day.

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