Inhabit is a local network that connects cities, towns and neighborhoods under one digital roof.


The all-in-one city, neighborhood, community app

Built as a digital layer of social infrastructure and simple gateway into the places we live, Inhabit was created to help modern locals take root, to enable local organizers to maximize their reach and impact, and to strengthen the social fabric of our cities.

How do we do it?

  • BRING neighborhoods, cities and citizens together under one digital roof.
  • CLEAR the feed and inbox clutter typical of neighborhood, event & social media apps.

  • CREATE a culture of invitation, impact and connection.

A letter from the founder.

The way we live has changed. People today are mobile and virtually connected. We live and work alone at higher rates than past generations and no longer remain in the same place our entire lives. This means that we are now responsible for rebuilding local community – a basic human need with profound impacts on our health, happiness and overall well being.

The problem with this new normal is that local information systems are fragmented, and by nature of that, exclusive. Most of what makes our neighborhoods and cities unique – that collective community experience we all crave – is buried on social feeds we don’t follow, websites we don’t visit, newsletters we don’t read and flyers we don’t see. The information and opportunity with the greatest potential impact on our daily lives is dispersed across a wide range of platforms, mixed in with a vast array of content from around the world. So where are we finding that sense of place & community? In many cases we’re not.

Missing out once, ok. But when it happens over and over again, the implications of these missed connections are reflected in our overall sense of rootedness & belonging, whether we are aware of it or not. This matters.

So, we created Inhabit – a local network that redesigns cities around people, putting each resident at the center of their community from day one. The experience of our city and our neighborhood is, in the end, an experience that we can only create together, and in a time when we are more empowered to move, we must be equally empowered to take root. Whether it be for ten months, or ten years, we all deserve a place that feels like home.

— Stacey Meeker


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