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An organizer is anyone who creates community locally. This could be a person, small business, local organization or government department. If you want to bring people together, we’re here to help.

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A new kind of local network

Reach locals who haven't found you yet.

Reach beyond your email list and social following. Help your wider community discover and engage with you.

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Inhabit was built to work for you, not the other way around. Use it when you need it. No maintenance required.

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Locals interact with every invite, meaning your invite will be seen—not scrolled over. Track interest through analytics.

Invites are Pre-Designed

Create eye-catching and immersive invites in just minutes. Stand out without hiring a designer.

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A one-stop-shop for local marketing, create your invite on inhabit and easily share to other social channels.

It's Free to Use

Signup is free and local organizers can create up to 4 invites per month, because we believe in empowering those who make our city stronger.

Questions and answers

What type of content can an organizer post?
Pop-ups, gatherings, workshops, tastings, groups, clubs, meetings, classes, events, volunteer opportunities, etc. If it brings people together and is open to anyone—we’re all about it.
How often should I post content?
Inhabit has a limit of 4 invites per 30 days. This is a good guideline, however we recommend creating invites only when you have real opportunities, events, or gatherings to share with your larger community.
Why is there an invite limit?
Invite limits reduce spam and entice organizers to post only their best content. Inhabit should be used as a tool to bring your local community together and into your organization so that you, the organizer, can start making real connections, in-person (and offline).
My organization hosts more than 4 community events a month—what now?
Organizers who have a track record of creating prolific high-quality community engagement opportunities are given the ability to upgrade their invite limit for a small cost. For more information, email
Who can see my posted invite?
Invites reach your local community and anyone who follows you. Inhabit acts as a tool allowing organizers and locals to reengage with the people and places that are closest to where they live, allowing for the reemergence of tight-knit and supportive local centers.
Why post on Inhabit instead of Facebook or Instagram?
We help your community grow. Inhabit allows organizers to send invitations to locals nearby or in the neighborhood, and who are most likely to benefit. They don't have to know you or follow you to receive your invitation.
Are invites shareable to other apps?
Yes! We’ve built sharing into the experience to help you share to all your networks in one easy step.
Can I use my own photo for an invite background?
Yes, although we suggest trying out our library of high-quality imagery first, we also understand the need to represent your brand. If you do decide to upload your own brand images, be sure they are professional images, free of profane content and a minimum of 750px wide x 1250px tall. Your image will be cropped to fit our vertical oriented invite design so make sure to review your image in 'invite preview' before publishing to make sure it works in the designed format.
Do all organizers appear in the Community tab?
You will automatically be added to our list of community members once you have posted your first invite.
Is Inhabit available for Android users?

Need help getting started?

Wondering if Inhabit is the right fit for you or your organization? Need assistance creating your first invite or choosing relevant content? We're here to help, so drop us a line!