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Built for you to grow.

Inhabit is a free tool built to help you reach your local community when it matters most.

Meaningfully engage an evolving audience of residents & forge connections beyond your email list or social following.

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Small Businesses

Target a pool of potential customers you couldn’t easily (or economically) tap into via email lists or social media.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive local demand
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Non-Profits + Orgs

Deliver impact at the same scale as a for-profit, without adding costs or requiring more resources.

  • Widen potential donor base
  • Spread your mission faster

Government + Cities

Activate constituents and voters with a precision that normally requires advanced marketing tactics. Inform and engage citizens in both times of crisis and normal daily activity. Grow support for local businesses while building social capital.

  • Circulate news rapidly
  • Curb social isolation
  • Strengthen neighborhood-city ties
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