connect your community.

Inhabit brings communities together across city, neighborhood and precinct, creating a seamless local experience accessible to all.

clear the clutter.

No mindless scrolling, endless content or algorithms to compete with - just the people and places that matter most to our everyday.

cultivate a city of locals.

As an information system designed for local objectives, Inhabit makes it possible for every resident to connect quickly and keep up daily.

it's one app
for where you live.

When it comes to where we live, we connect by sifting through content from around the world and every corner of life, just to reach those outside our door.

Our cities, towns and neighborhoods are fragmented, making it difficult for residents to grow roots, for local organizations to get the visibility they deserve, and for our collective communities to feel, well…like community. We’re here to change that.

built to strengthen
community ties.

Inhabit offers small businesses, local clubs, nonprofits and city leaders a free, easy-to-maintain way of maximizing reach and impact. No social feed, promoted ads or inbox clutter to compete with.

change the way your community connects.

connect. Make sure every
resident is informed, invested
& involved.

integrate. Streamline
communication from local
government & activate

empower. Help local
organizations reach their
community, not just their

strengthen. Create new
community bonds and fortify
existing ones.

built to help
modern locals
take root.

because when residents are
connected, communities benefit.

Cities & towns are fragmented across social accounts, newsletters,
websites and flyers, making it hard for residents to connect and local
organizations to get the visibility they need.

Meet the new, resident-centric local system.


how it works

join your city, neighborhood
and precinct in a single step.

learn about your
community and keep up
in real-time.

get involved and
customize your local

live better daily.

put down roots​
grow your reach
cultivate community

keep up with us.

Inhabit is rolling out in select cities.

To apply please reach out here.