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better connected.

Inhabit is a communication platform that bridges the gap between local residents, businesses and municipalities to cultivate a city that’s better together.

Inhabit Brookline app available on app storeGet the Inhabit Town app on google play

Stay in the know, effortlessly.

Get local updates and discover neighborhood gems — all in one streamlined platform. Customizable & town specific, Inhabit a community portal designed with residents at the center. It's your town, right at your fingertips.

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Streamline engagement for stronger communities.

Keep your residents informed, engaged, and happy without the fuss of managing multiple platforms. From city council updates to emergency alerts, Inhabit centralizes all your communication needs. Reach your community effectively, so you can focus on what really matters—building a better city for everyone.

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Affordable, localized outreach made simple.

Say goodbye to expensive ads and complicated email lists. With Inhabit, your business gains instant visibility among local residents. Share your latest offerings, events, and promotions in an environment that's focused solely on your community. It's the smarter, simpler way to reach your target audience without breaking the bank.

Apps for towns
Simplicity, realized.

One app, so many possibilities. Inhabit makes it easier than ever for residents, small businesses, nonprofits and government departments to connect, share and engage — all in one place.

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Inhabit Brookline
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Inhabit Brookline

Tap your local city to connect with your community in seconds.


Keep up with important news, events, and local businesses in real time.

Simplicity, realized.

Tailor your local experience to enrich your daily life & engage with your community.

Get Connected

Your town is talking. Ready to dial in?

Keep your finger on the pulse and connect with your community. Join the Inhabit today and enjoy a life that’s better connected.

Inhabit Brookline app available on app storeGet the Inhabit Town app on google play
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Hynes playground parent meetup
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